"Kevan Lannister: The boy does look a lot like his father.
Tywin Lannister: That's what concerns me."
―Kevan and Tywin Lannister, discussing the Blackgards.

Lord Eddin Blackgard (Wastelandic: FAXSEN Fax-Sen) is a major character in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons. Eddin is the youngest son of Lord Trevyr Blackgard and his wife Lady Laenah Blackgard. He is married to Elen Blackgard.

After his father's death, Eddin has been named the Lord of Ebonheart, Voice of Blackgard, Shield of the East, Warden of the Borderlands, Lord Defender of the Stormlands, Lord Paramount of the Borders and Chieftain of the Bordermen.

According to Trevyr, Eddin was named after Trevyr's long-time friend and bannerman, Eddin Mercer. For this reason, Lord Mercer often jokingly refers to Eddin as "Eddin the Younger", and himself as "Eddin the Elder".



Eddin was born as the third born son of Lord Trevyr Blackgard. His mother, Laenah, died giving birth to Eddin. Nonetheless, Eddin was deeply loved by his father, even prompting Trevyr to murder several rival lords so he could support Eddin and the rest of his family. He became a bright and handsome young man, and of all of Trevyr Blackgard's children, Eddin is said to be most like him in terms of intelligence, personality and cunning.

As a child, Eddin grew up in the city of Blackgard, unlike his other brothers, who grew up in King's Landing when Trevyr still served under Kings Aegon V and Aerys II as Hand of the King. During his adolescence, Eddin met Elen Tarth, Selwyn Tarth's niece. Trevyr, who was firmly against arranged marriages (something fairly uncommon in the Seven Kingdoms), allowed Eddin to marry whenever, and with whomever he wanted. Eddin and Elen fell in love and eventually announced their betrothal, effectively connecting housesBlackgard and Tarth as allies through matrimony later on.

During the events of the War of the Five Kings, Eddin, initially, did not partake in the war. He absolutely did not want anything to do with his family's affairs and, ultimately, didn't play the game of thrones. However, Eddin idly watched as the war tore his house apart and so, indirectly, he played a minor role in the war. After Dyron Blackgard's death, Eddin started to play more major roles in the events of the war. Ironically, he became one of Blackgard's most pivotal puppet-masters and almost singlehandedly aided his father in fending of the rival houses and preparing himself into, inadvertently, taking on the role as the Lord Paramount of the Borders.

Season 1

Eddin Blackgard is a young, but ambitious young man from House Blackgard. He resides in King's Landing as an apprentice, trying to learn more from Westerosi politics and lordship.

Season 2

Following Eddard Stark's execution at the Great Sept of Baelor, Eddin feels that he is no longer safe in King's Landing. After making the proper arrangements and informing his father about what happened in King's Landing, he leaves the capital and heads to Blackgard.

Season 5

Eddin's oldest brother, Dyron Blackgard, is assassinated by unknown assailants. Lucan is refused the Ebony Throne and Eddin, ironically, becomes the new heir to House Blackgard, even though he initially refused to partake in any Blackgard affairs.

Season 6

After the death of his father, Trevyr, Eddin has become the new Lord of Ebonheart. Following Lucan Blackgard's death at the hands of Roman Mercer who was commanded to murder him by Cersei Lannister shortly before the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor, Eddin responded by furiously stopping to support the Lannisters and the Iron Throne. To avenge his older brother's death and those of so many innocents in King's Landing, Eddin follows his father's footsteps and has joined House Targaryen in overthrowing the current ruling monarchy of the Seven Kingdoms and plant Daenerys Targaryen as the new Queen of the Andals. A week later, Lord Rickard Harrigon arrives in Blackgard. He managed to persuade Eddin to bring his army and join their forces, and told him that Mercyl, Lucan's son, was safe and being raised at Hornworth. Together with the Harrigons, he joins House Tyrell, House Baerley, Ellaria Sand, the Reach, and Dorne, the Borderlands have now entered in open rebellion against the Crown.

Shortly before going to war, Eddin's nephew - Steffon Blackgard - had been gathering allies from all corners of the Borderlands in an effort to depose him. Following Lucan Blackgard's death at the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor, Steffon had carefully herded the bordermen into a frenzy of panic and had successfully managed to turn most against Eddin, claiming it was because of ineptness from Eddin's side that Lucan had died.

Tensions arose earlier between Eddin and his councilors. Eddin had envisioned going to war against the Lannisters, while the Borderlands were left financially crippled due to the Greyjoys' failed invasion of Blackgard. Steffon strongly advised against renewing war but remained ignored by Eddin.

Steffon, along with Brant Tymber, Codin Bruckstone and Theos Tymber had conspired to depose Eddin. Brant proposed exile to keep bloodshed to a minimum. Steffon argued against it, stating that Eddin is far too proud and stubborn to be exiled. He believed that the only way to stop Eddin was to kill him. Theos and Codin agreed, while Brant reluctantly complied to Steffon's suggestions.

Shortly before the assassination would be carried out, Steffon had proclaimed that, after Eddin perished, he would take over his position and crown himself king. This proposal was condoned almost unanimously, mainly because of the fact that Steffon had promised to ascertain a more conservative stance regarding leadership, which was exactly what the conspirators wanted.

A few days later, Steffon signalled the overthrowing to begin. Riots began to form in the streets, set in motion by Theos. Brant remained at Eddin's side to keep him occupied. Meanwhile, Codin led a small force inside Ebonheart to find and kill Eddin's wife and children. Steffon later burst into Eddin's room, telling him that the castle had been besieged by the Greyjoys and that they should evacuate. Eddin refused, ordering Brant to find his family and bring them to safety. However, Brant refused and remained idle, while being visibly upset. Eddin stormed towards the door himself but was stopped and stabbed in the abdomen by Steffon, forcing him to ground. Steffon claimed to feel sorry for betraying his uncle, but stated that it was the right thing to do. Codin and his men arrived at Eddin's study, kneeling before Steffon and revealing to him the heads of Elen, Eddard, and Edwyn Blackgard. Distraught, Eddin couldn't bring himself to speak, to which Steffon ordered Brant to finish him off. Meanwhile, he ordered the rioting to stop, declaring Eddin dead and the Kingdom of the Borderlands founded.


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Eddin is the strongest of the Blackgard family, though he originally wanted nothing to do with the house's affairs, but he was quickly pulled in after the failed assassination attempt on his father and a successful one on his eldest brother.

Once ensconced in Blackgard's affairs, Eddin quickly established a reputation for ruthlessness to a far greater degree than his father. This behaviour was caused by his stay in the capital, where he experienced the ruthlessness and treacherous acts performed by several high lords of Westeros. He preferred to wipe out all of his enemies in one fell swoop.


Lord of Ebonheart
Trevyr Blackgard 303 AL - 304 AL Steffon Blackgard


"Just lie here, father. I'll take care of you now. I'm with you now. I'm with you."
―Eddin to a dying Trevyr.
"That's my family, Elen, not me."
―Eddin, about his family's reputation
"Eddin: You have to answer for Dyron, Marlen. You fingered Dyr for the Greyjoys.
Marlen: Edd, you got it all wrong.
Eddin: Ah, that little farce you played with my sister. You think that would fool a Blackgard?
Marlen: Edd, I'm innocent. I swear on my unborn child!
Eddin: Don't lie to me. I received a half-finished letter from Dunharrow. Seems that after the infiltrator Grandon finished killing the Mercers, he was supposed to meet with you. What we don't know was who wrote the letter.
Marlen: Please don't do this to me, Edd. Please don't.
Eddin: We know everything. About one of our bannermen secretly funding the Greyjoys. Sending them ships, soldiers, weaponry. And both Dyron and Grayson Mercer were caught in the crossfire, weren't they? You know I don't like secrets. Yet there is still one secret left unsolved. Admit what you did.
[Marlen starts sobbing]
Eddin: Get him some ale. Don't be afraid, Marlen. Come on, you think I'd make my sister a widow? I'm your son's godfather. Go ahead. Drink. Drink. No, you're out of our affairs, that's your punishment. You're finished. I'm putting you on a ship to Pentos. Brant?
[Brant hands Eddin some gold coins]
Eddin: I want you to stay there, you understand?
[Marlen nods]
Eddin: Only don't tell me that you're innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and it makes me very angry. Now, who approached you with this proposal to betray us? Bergen or Skinner?
Marlen: It was Bergen.
Eddin: Good. There's a carriage outside that will take you to the harbour. I'll tell your wife where you'll be going.
Marlen: Listen, Edd...
Eddin: Go on. Get out of my sight."
―Eddin Blackgard, confronting Marlen Rosby
"I don't feel I have to wipe everybody out, Asten. Just my enemies."
Lucan Blackgard: "I'm your older brother, Edd, and I was stepped over!"
Eddin: "That's the way Father wanted it."
Lucan Blackgard: "It ain't the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect!"
— Lucan and Eddin
Eddin: "In my home."
Brant Tymber: "Eddin, when I heard I almost died..."
Eddin: " [yells] IN MY HOME! IN MY BEDROOM! Where my wife sleeps... and my children play with their toys."
— Eddin and Brant, discussing the incident regarding the two unknown assassins who fired arrows through Eddin's bedroom window earlier
"Elyse: [shrieking at Eddin] You killed my husband! You waited until our father died so nobody could stop you and you killed him! You killed him! You blamed him for Dyr, you always did, everybody did. But you never thought about me. You never gave a damn about me. What am I going to do now?
Elen: [taking Elyse in her arms] Elyse...
Elyse: Why do you think he kept Marlen at the castle? All the time he knew he was going to kill him. And then he stood godfather to our baby. You think you know your husband? You know how many men he had killed?! That's your husband!
[Eddin takes Elyse into her arms, but she goes wild again and tries to attack him]
Eddin: Take her upstairs. Fetch the maester.
[Eddin's men grab Elyse and pull her out of the office]
Eddin: [to Elen] She's hysterical.
Elen: Is it true?
Eddin: Don't ask me about my business, Elen.
Elen: Is it true?
Eddin: Don't ask me about my business...
Elen: No...
Eddin: [slams the desk] ENOUGH!"
―Eddin, Elyse, and Elen
"He was my brother. He may have been a fool but he was still my brother. I want retribution. I want revenge. No one will get away with this easy. I want the names of every person involved in this massacre. And I want their heads."
―Eddin, furious over the death of his brother
"Eddin: You know what this means?
Sofina: War. Most definitely war.
Eddin: They killed him. They killed my brother! Why? What did he do?! He was innocent!
Brant: The idiot Cersei Lannister now believes that she has enforced her rule on us. She expects we now bent the knee to her.
Eddin: She can try to "enforce her rule" on us. Our family has stood on these grounds for generations, not even Aegon's dragons could force us to submit.
Sofina: It's time to decide. The Dragon Queen returns to Westeros, the Reach, Dorne, and the Iron Islands at her back. She can give us the revenge we seek.
Eddin: My father always spoke highly of her. He said that she was the last chance to save the Seven Kingdoms from itself. Let's hope he's right. Very well, I've made my decision.
Sofina: Finally...
Eddin: Ser Brant, send a raven to Lord Varys. Tell him that the Queen can expect to see a fleet of twenty battleships at her side. I will not cower behind my walls like I did when the Greyjoys came knocking at our door. No one kills a Blackgard and gets away with it. Sent word to all the Borderlords. As of today, we have declared war on the Crown. May Barran protect us."
―Eddin and his counselors in the aftermath of the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor

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