"Whoever controls Dunharrow controls the Black Road."
Trevyr Blackgard.

Dunharrow is a large and ancient castle that is situated on the border of the Stormlands and the Borderlands. It is ruled by House Mercer.

Dunharrow is situated along the Black Road, right next to the entry into the Borderlands, making Dunharrow a popular stop for travelers going into the Borderlands. Because of their close proximity to the Black Road, Dunharrow is under the jurisdiction of Blackgard rather than Storm's End, despite them being located in the Stormlands. House Mercer is officially sworn to House Blackgard, as they are tasked with maintaining the entry into the Borderlands and the part of the Black Road they are next to, similar to how the Gift is under the jurisdiction of the Night's Watch and not Winterfell.



Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Notable Residents

  • Lord Eddin Mercer, the current head of Houser Mercer and Lord of Dunharrow, and serves as the personal steward of King Tommen Baratheon.
  • Lady Myrianne Mercer, née Droft, his wife.
    • Ser Roman Mercer, also called "Roman the Butcher", his firstborn son and the current Lord Commander of the Blackwatch.
    • {Grayson Mercer}, also called "The Young Mercer", his secondborn son who became acting Lord of Dunharrow following his father becoming King Tommen's steward. Assassinated as part of the Borderlands Conflict.
    • Celesse Mercer, twin sister of Grayson. Now the heir to Dunharrow after Grayson's death.

Historical Residents

  • {Torrhen Mercer}, father of Eddin and Lord of Dunharrow during the Fourth Border Wars. Executed by order of Auster Keller following the Sack of Dunharrow so House Keller could gain control of Dunharrow.
  • {Katarina Mercer}, wife of Torrhen who was executed along with her husband.
  • {Gordin Mercer}, formerly known as Gordin Rock, bastard brother of Lord Torrhen and squire to Lord Trovar Blackgard. Following the end of the Fourth Border Wars, he was legitimized and became Lord of Dunharrow.
  • {Vitellius}, Maester of Dunharrow during the Fourth Border Wars. Smuggled a young Eddin out of Dunharrow during the Sack of Dunharrow. He once again became Maester of Dunharrow following House Mercer's restoration at the end of the war.

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