Drowned men are priests of the Drowned God in the Iron Islands. Maester Kirth collected ironborn legends in Songs the Drowned Men Sing.


In the religion of the Drowned God, ironmen of the isles have seawater poured over their heads. A priest asks the Drowned God to have his "servant be born again from the sea, as you were. Bless him with salt, bless him with stone, bless him with steel." The man being baptized then responds, "What is dead may never die."

Ironmen can become drowned men by being submerged in salt water a second time in earnest and brought back to life with a crude form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Not all men are successfully revived, however. Aeron Greyjoy, known as the Damphair, has never failed in a resuscitation.

The drowned men wear roughspun robes of mottled green, grey, and blue, the colors of the Drowned God. They carry driftwood cudgels to show their devotion in battle, and skins of saltwater to perform ritual anointment as well as to sate their thirst.

While priests of the Drowned God must not shed the blood of ironborn, they have no such reservation about other methods of killing, such as drowning.

Priests of the Drowned God bless new ships, speaking invocations and pouring sea water over prows. "Lord God who drowned for us" is part of the litany of the Drowned God's priests.

Recent events

A Dance with Dragons

Erik Anvil-Breaker is hunting down the Drowned Men to search for Aeron Greyjoy.

Known Drowned men

  • Aeron Greyjoy, the "Damphair"
  • Beron Blacktyde
  • Emmond
  • Norjen
  • Old Grey Gull
  • Tarle, the "Thrice-Drowned"
  • Rus
  • Sauron Salt-Tongue

Historical Drowned Men

  • Galon, called Galon "Whitestaff", who lived during the Age of Heroes and unified the Iron Islands under the first High King.
  • The Shrike, who led an uprising against Harmund III Hoare.
  • Lodos, who claimed to be the living son of the Drowned God.

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