Diana Waters is the bastard daughter of Lord Ronnel Cordon and an unknown mother. She currently lives at Godsgrace in Dorne and is the paramour of Ser Ryon Allyrion, the heir to House Allyrion.

Character and Appearance

Diana is every bit her father's daughter in terms of her ambitions and intelligence. She is considered the power behind Ser Ryon and his wife.

She has inherited her father's black hair and brown eyes. Despite giving birth to three sons and being over 40, she has remained as slender and beautiful as she was at 19.


Diana was conceived during the War of the Ninepenny Kings and was raised by her father. After she came of age, her father had bethrothed her to a prominent merchant in Essos, but the young man died and Diana made her way to Dorne, where she became the paramour to Ser Ryon Allyrion. This relationship has produced three sons, most prominently Ser Daemon Sand.

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