Demon of the North
Lucius trilogy
Written by LordOfTheNeverThere
Volumes Lord of the Hunt
Prince of the Moths
Father of the Dead
Language(s) English
Country The Netherlands
Release date TBA
Number of volumes 3
Protagonist(s) Lucius Dragen (Lord of the Hunt)
Ethan Dragen (Prince of the Moths and Father of the Dead: Part 1)
Jaqelos Eranelion (Father of the Dead: Part 2)
Antagonist(s) Manwell (Lord of the Hunt)
Timos Crakehall (Prince of the Moths)
Lucius Dragen (Father of the Dead)
Genre Fantasy, epic fantasy, thriller, psychological thriller, psychological horror
Rating 18+
Demon of the North is a series of epic fantasy short stories by Dutch-Italian fanfiction writer LordOfTheNeverThere. The Demon of the North series is a fanfiction trilogy based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and was inspired by Thomas Harris's psychological thriller novels.

Demon of the North follows the story of Lucius Dragen, an infamous cannibalistic serial killer. The first volume, set during the beginning of Robert's Rebellion, tells the story on how Lucius Dragen became the notorious psychotic cannibal. The last two volumes detail Lucius's killing sprees across the North.

The last volume, Father of the Dead, is featured in two parts - part 1 details Lucius' eventual downfall and banishment, while the second part describes the journey of a sellsword, named Jaqelos Eranelion, as he is tasked with bringing Lucius to justice by Ethan Dragen.