Renamification is a legal, yet rarely used process of changing one's family name. It is a power, like Legitimization, that is reserved only for monarchs and Lords.


For thousands of years, many noble houses have had to resort to this option of succession as the true-born male heirs of these houses were killed.

Known Instances

  • Following the deaths of Lord Halys Hornwood and his heir Daryn during the War of the Five Kings, Lady Donella Hornwood was left without an heir, and was approached by many possible suitors seeking to become the heir to Hornwood. Lord Leobald Tallhart suggests that his younger son, Beren, be adopted by Lady Donella, and take on the Hornwood name, being half Hornwood through his mother Berena, Lord Halys' sister. This never comes to fruition as Ramsay Snow eventually forces Lady Donella to marry him, and takes the Hornwood lands for himself.
  • Ser Harrold Hardyng is set to become lord of the Eyrie should Robert Arryn die without an heir. Being second cousin to Lord Robert, he would ascend as "Harrold Arryn" should Robert die under these circumstances.
  • Ser Claron Deddings, asked to become a Reyne in 279 AL (being descended from House Reyne), but was refused by King Aerys II, given the crimes that House Reyne had committed before being wiped out.