"I think we can all agree. What he has done is unforgivable. The murders, the tortures, the manipulating. We have no choice; Lucius Dragen has to die."
Duncan Catell
The Coup against Lucius Dragen is a plot orchestrated by Erik Dragen in an attempt to overthrow Lucius Dragen as Lord of Snake Mount. Following the death of Ethan Snow, Lucius had Ethan killed and was planning to send his widowed wife, Arrena Storm to Winterfell as a gift to Ramsay Bolton and so, endangering House Dragen. For this, Lucius' family and close advisers planned to kill and replace Lucius with Erik as Lord of Snake Mount until Lucius' son, Warron comes of age. However, the plot took a twist when Erik died and a revived Ethan Snow battles Lucius and kills him instead.


Resurrection of Ethan Snow

Vurus, a follower of the Lord of Light is approached by Erik. Erik asks him if he could resurrect his uncle, Ethan Snow. Vurus claims that he can resurrect him, if Erik is to be sacrificed to the Lord of Light. Against everybody's wishes, Erik agrees to be sacrificed. Mira Dragen and Alise Dragen protest against this, but they are ignored by Erik. Erik sends his farewells to everybody in the house and is later burned alive by Vurus. Shortly after Erik's body is disintegrated by the fire, Vurus walks towards Ethan's body and repeatedly chants: "Lord! cast your light upon this man, an innocent killed in war. Bring him back from death and darkness. His flame has been extinguished, restore it!" In an instance, Ethan breathes heavily, his wounds heal and his heart-rate increases. Shortly after his revival, Ethan is taken by Maester Vahaelor to his medical room where he is examined. Vahaelor tells Ethan about everything that has happened since his death. Ethan is angered and swears to kill Lucius. News about Ethan's revival quickly reaches Gornworth. Ethan and Lucius later engage in a duel.