Dragen mini-shield
Dragen mini-shield
"Lucius: Who is your father?
Cerran: Tyrus Harlaw, the Lord Defender of the Iron Islands.
Lucius: Harlaw? You're ironborn.
Cerran: Dunno if you can still call me ironborn. Would you still be considered ironborn if you leave your home to work for the northmen, your bittered enemies? "What is dead may never die, but rises stronger and harder" Well, I died, and I've never risen.
Lucius: I'm sure your father still loves you.
Cerran: Unlikely, little lord. Very unlikely."
―Cerran Harlaw and Lucius Dragen, on Tyrus Harlaw[src]
Cerran Harlaw is a background character in Game of Thrones. He is not expected to appear in the series again. Cerran was the former Master-at-Arms at Snake Mount before Ethan Snow. He was a famed bowman and archer.

Cerran is ironborn and originates from Harlaw, one of the eight Iron Islands. Cerran's father is Tyrus Harlaw, the Lord Defender of the Iron Islands. When Cerran reached adulthood, he left the island and travelled to the North where he became the master-at-arms of Snake Mount.