Ser Caledon Waters is a recurring character in the second, third, fourth, and fifth seasons of the series. He is the bastard son of Ronnel Cordon and the half-brother to Diana Waters and his father's three trueborn children. He serves as the castellan of his father's castle, Southwall.

Character and Appearance

Caledon is a silent man by nature, keeping to himself and not allowing many people to know what he is thinking. He only speaks when it necessary. He is also incredibly skilled knight with a reputation for being ruthless and pragmatic. Many mistake his silence with a lack of intelligence but Caledon is a highly efficient administer as well, being named castellan of Southwall whenever his father is away. His father describes him as the "best sort of man because he knows what do without being asked to do it."

He is close to his trueborn siblings and is willing to do anything in his power to protect their birthrights.

He has inherited his father's black hair and brown eyes and is thought to be handsome by many young women in Southwall. He nearly lost his left eye at some point earlier in his life and has learned to use that as a weapon on the battlefield.


Caledon was conceived during his father's visit to King's Landing when he stopped at Castle Stokeworth. Tanda's niece, Wanda (called Wanda the Wanton) spent the night with him and she became pregnant with his child. When Ronnel learned of the child, he took the child back to his castle, Southwall. As Ronnel was unmarried at the time, Caledon (should he be legitimized) would've been his father's heir.

On Caledon's first nameday, his grandfather, Daegon, died in a horse-riding accident and his father ascended to Lord of Southwall.

Caledon was trained in arms by his father's master-at-arms, Ser Oryn Norfolk, and was knighted at the age of 15. He was considered one of the brightest knights of his age, but this was soon rescinded when it became apparent that he seemed to take on behaviors of Lord Bloodraven as opposed to Prince Aemon, the Dragonknight.

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