Mercer heraldry
Maester's mini chain

Maester Caledon is a recurring character in the fifth and sixth seasons. He is the Maester of Dunharrow and was Grayson Mercer's closest advisor during his tenure as acting lord of Dunharrow.

When Grayson is assassinated, Caledon feels it is his fault for being unable to save Grayson and is heavily involved in the resulting investigation. He later discovers an unmarked letter (later revealed to be from Edgarth Bergen) giving instructions to Grandon, one of House Mercer's men-at-arms, to poison Grayson's wine, and further incriminating Marlen Rosby's involvement in the death of Dyron Blackgard. Before he can finish a letter revealing his findings to Eddin Blackgard, however, he is discovered by Grandon and killed, and Eddin receives an unfinished letter.


Season 5

Season 6


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