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First seen

The Rains of Castamere

Last seen


Appeared in

2 episodes

Also known as

Frey Wench




House Frey

House Bolton


Walder Frey(Father)

Many Siblings,Nieces, nephews,greatnieces&Nephews etc.

Ramsay Snow(Bolton)(Fiancee)

Portrayed by

Angela Sarafyan

Brigitte Frey is one of the many daughters of Walder Frey and was recently betrothed to Ramsay Snow , before The Red Wedding.



Brigitte is one of Walder's many children, and takes firm pride in this.she swears on the gods that whoever she marries, she will bear them an army straight from between her legs.  It makes sense, because he father is one of the only known men to father an entire army from his cock.   Brigitte has slain men and has lead men, taking more pleasure from the former.  Her sadism is a feature they cannot trace to Walder or any of his wives, so they attain it to growing up with so many siblings.  

Recent events

Brigitte slays a Stark bannerman at the Red Wedding, before departing to her fiancé in the Dreadfort.She witnesses Ramsay torturing Theon Greyjoy and she finds the darker, sadist side of him is more attractive.  When Ramsay see's her voyeur position in the matter, he tortures Theon even more to see what she'd do.  Eventually, he notes that she is dripping with sweat and breathing heavy; She has a torture fetish.  He silently reminds himself to use this later on.


  • "You could be king of Westeros. All you have to do is exactly what my father did; sire an entire army from your cock.  Every single one of your soldiers will slide from between my legs and trained from the time they could walk. Think about it.  King Ramsay Snow.


Ramsay Snow


Ramsay Snow, Brigitte's fiancé

"Imagine it... King and Queen of all Westeros. We'd rule this ruthless land with a hand harder than iron. "

Ramsay Snow is Brigitte's  fiancé, a deal made between the Boltons and the Frey's to seal the pact of the Red Wedding.  Ramsay didn't participate in said event but Brigitte did. She continues to encourage him to claim the throne.

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