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Lord Borros Harrigon is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He was the Lord of Farcoast and the former head of House Harrigon of Farcoast, and the younger brother of Jothos Harrigon, the lord of House Harrigon's main branch. He died of an infection.



Borros was the second born son of Lord Guncon Harrigon and his wife. He grew up in Smithestone mainly in the shadow of his older brother Jothos, who was the heir. His father died when he was fourteen years old, leaving him mostly in the care of his bastard siblings and uncles. Around the age of 20 he had an argument with his brother, which led to him leaving Smithestone and heading to the Vale to serve House Morvayn.

. There, he received a knighthood, and eventually returned to Smithestone in 242 AL. By then, Jothos had extinguished the rebellious House Carrant with the help of House Blackgard, and took their castle, Farcoast. Borros attempted to make amends with his brother, but Jothos had no time for sentiment, or him. Jothos instead gave Farcoast over to Borros. Without a word, Borros accepted, creating House Harrigon of Farcoast.

Borros spent the rest of his life estranged from his brother, though Jothos often sent letters to Farcoast, congratulating him on the births of his children, or on name-days.

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