• Will4race

    Hello to whoever may be reading this, I am thinking of creating a new character and I already have an idea but the problem is that I don't know whihc one to use. I would like to create a character Henwick Flowers, a character who is the son of Willas Tyrell and his wife but was born before they were married so thereofre was born out of wedlock.

    The second idea I have allthough very farfetched and almost impossible, is Colin Baratheon, a bastard son fo Renly Baratheon. I know impossible since Renly was gay. But here is the thing he was still a Baratheon, so what if he and Loras got into a fight and Renly went drinking and was so drunk he bedded a woman and that was the only time and last time he did but that was all it took for him to father…

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  • Darthluna22314

    I am thinking of making a Fanfic about the R + L = J theory. I already read some of the fanfic's that are about this and kinda have a good idea of how to do it while also keeping mine a bit original. It will go a similar way as how A Song Of Fire And Ice goes but it will have some differences. I'd just like to know if anyone would be interested in being my proofreader(s) (I think that's what you call people who read stuff before it's actually posted or published), I also want to know if having Jon not go to the wall after Ned tell's him the truth about his mother (Which I will have in the first chapter) will be interesting to go with or if that isn't very original.

    Also I am going home today since I am currently visiting my mother. The thin…

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  • Darthluna22314

    So I was wondering if it is a good idea for me to make a profile for House Forrester and House Whitehill. The reason for this is because in other fanon wikis moderators didn't allow profiles to be made from games or such which had you making descisions that changed the story. House Forrester and House Whitehill are from the Game Of Thrones game that was made by TellTale.

    House Forrester were bannermen to House Stark while House Whitehill were bannermen to House Bolton. So I'd like to know if I could make a profile for them

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  • Taylor Riley

    Hey everybody!

    So just a few things I wanted to clear up with you guys, mainly the regulars and admins, obviously I'm new here but I'm really passionate about the Great House I created (House Rylen), I'm kind of hoping that at some point when I get better and further with my editing I can incorporate House Rylen's story into yours, because I see the Rylens as being on the same kinda level as the Dragens, Harrigons and Blackgards in terms of potential story and characters. Just thought I'd bring this up because I don't want to seem like I'm showing up and just want to change everything on here to suit myself. Basically I just wanna check that you'd all be ok with that.

    Apolofies if I'm just rambling lol

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  • Philanahembree

    I have an idea. How about we speak to each other on chat as our characters, to get a realistic conversation between them. Sharkybytes, I wanna have a conversation as Rickard Harrigon with you as Eddin Blackgard. We can bring in as many characters as we want, as long as it's the owner of that character speaking.

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    What did everyone think of the season 6 finale?

    Personally, I thought it was my favorite episode of the entire series. 

    The first 20 minutes of this episode are absolutely phenomenal. A masterpiece, I dare say. Wow. So many questions answered. So much payoff. THIS is how you end a season, Walking Dead. Wow. Such a good finale.

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  • Honor Guard

    This is a blog to discuss MrsLunchBox's adminship. It would be good if all active users could participate in this discussion. Basically, her future as an admin is something I would like to get a community consensus on (if she should remain as one or not).

    My concerns about her remaining as an admin are as follows:

    1. She has never been consistently active in any stretch of time. She often disappears for weeks or months at a time with no explanation, leaving the wiki without anyone running it. This is dangerous for the well-being of the wiki, and if another person was promoted to admin who was more consistently active, that would be better. She tends to come back for a day or a few days, edit in concentrated bursts, and then leave, and this show…
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  • Honor Guard

    With the retirement of user Sharkybytzes, I come before you all to humbly ask to become your bureaucrat. We currently have two other admins on this wiki, but both are rarely active, and neither has been active in a while. So currently there is no one running this wiki. I ask to be that person.

    A little bit about me: I used to run PokeFanon, one of the largest wikis on Wikia. I stepped down from it a couple of years ago when my interest in that subject waned. I have experience with templates, coding, and rules enforcement. I have some ideas for how to update this wiki, to make it look more professional, in line with other great fanon wikis across the web. This will include an overhaul to the main page and the current background picture on th…

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  • CLTwins15

    Hi, I'm New

    February 4, 2016 by CLTwins15

    Hi Guys and Admins, I just want to write a blog to this wiki for the first time. I got the Game of Thornes Game for PS4 but it was my first time playing it last tuesday. So Yeah. I'm new and you can welcome me.

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  • SharkyBytesz

    Custom Javascript

    January 21, 2016 by SharkyBytesz

    Valar morghūlis, fellow GOTF Wikians,

    As of today, Custom Javascript is once again enabled on the wiki. This may not seem much to you, but for me it's like a gift from the gods.

    This means that we can improve many things on the wiki, from more complicated templates to even the wiki's appearance. The possibilities have become quite endless now.

    Other than that, things here will remain quite indifferent for now. You may encounter some small tweaks and changes here and there, but you'll hardly notice it really.

    Happy editing!


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  • Cilfyc

    Cilfyc's 2015 Awards!

    January 1, 2016 by Cilfyc

    Now that 2015 has come and gone, I thought it would be fun to give out some awards for my favorite pages in several categories! The below winners are my favorite pages of each type, not including my own pages (it would be weird to give myself awards, after all). I read over every page on this wiki before making these decisions, so these aren't random choices, either. For some of these categories, especially for Houses and characters, the decision to pick the winner was quite tough, as there were many good pages. So for characters, I decided to give three winners. Anyways, it's time to hand out some awards!

    And the winner is... Gornworth! Congratulations to Philanahembree!

    And the winner is... Summer's Kiss! Congratulations to SharkyBytesz!


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  • SharkyBytesz

    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2015 by SharkyBytesz

    Well, 2015 was fun. At least for me. 

    As we all enter a new age, so does our wiki. I would like to wish you all a happy new year! 2016 is going to be a really busy year for me. Completing my fanfiction work, tidying the wiki up, college stuff, work, work, work.

    Nonetheless, I'm sure 2016 will be, at least, a decent year. All of you have fun and happy editing!


    Lord Sharky

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  • SharkyBytesz


    October 11, 2015 by SharkyBytesz

    I have been toying around with a new Wiki feauture: Maps, where you can create and put locations on real world or fiction world maps. I've put all canon locations on the map and some of my own fanon work. So go ahead and put yours in. Just click here. Happy editing! 12:28, October 11, 2015 (UTC)

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  • SharkyBytesz


    September 16, 2015 by SharkyBytesz

    I recently finished creating the new Timeline page. I have only included my fanfiction for the time being, so it's up to you all to put in your fanfic in the timeline. Happy editing! 17:21, September 16, 2015 (UTC)

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  • SharkyBytesz

    Mobile support

    September 10, 2015 by SharkyBytesz

    Good news, everyone! I have just edited the main GOT Fanon page for mobile phones. So when you're not home behind your computer but you want to visit the wiki anyway, you can now contribute via your phone. Isn't that lovely? 12:12, September 10, 2015 (UTC)

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  • SharkyBytesz

    New achievements

    September 5, 2015 by SharkyBytesz

    As some of you may have noticed, I have created some new achievements for all of you to obtain. These include: Regions, Locations, Peoples (Cultures) and Characters. Good luck! 09:49, September 5, 2015 (UTC)

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  • CC-0413

    Wiki Wide Role Play?

    August 4, 2015 by CC-0413

    Greetings wikiers of the GOT Fanon wiki, it is I, CC-0413, proud creator of this wiki, tho I am not always the most active on this site, I do try my best to keep a close eye on what goes down on the wiki and I have noticed that it has become gradually more popular. I also noticed that fanfics are becoming more previlent on this wiki, which is an awesome sign, which gave me an idea. Back on the Dead Space wiki a few years ago, a user came up with a great idea of role playing, where users from all across the wiki created their own characters and helped create a unique story. It was a lot of fun and brought the wiki community together. That being said i thought that this wiki would be a great place to do it again. It will take a lot of cooper…

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  • SharkyBytesz


    August 1, 2015 by SharkyBytesz

    I have returned from my vacation. After a good two weeks of relaxation, I can now continue with my daily maintenance of the wiki and editing my pages. There is still a lot I need to do but you know what they say;  "Ain't no rest for the wicked"

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  • SharkyBytesz

    Gone for a while

    July 17, 2015 by SharkyBytesz

    Next monday, I will be off on a holiday with my family for about a week or two. Therefore I cannot respond to messages or do any more editing on this wiki. When I return I hope to resume where I left off with my short story. Until then, I wish you all happy editing! 

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  • SharkyBytesz

    I found the Template:Noble house pretty annoying, mainly because it looks so ugly if you don't fill in anything else. So I created a new one: Template:GOTHouse. Check it out.

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  • SharkyBytesz


    June 28, 2015 by SharkyBytesz

    Just created some userboxes. These can be used on your profile page so you can spread info about yourself. Check them out. More to come! 

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  • SharkyBytesz

    New templates

    June 25, 2015 by SharkyBytesz

    So I recently created some new templates, these templates are basically copies from the official Game of Thrones Wiki, they are the following:

    • Navbox for Northern houses
    • Tnavbar templates
    • Expendable Tnavbar templates ( although they don't work :/ )
    • Family tree templates
    • New infoboxes for Events
    • New infobox for Battles
    • New infobox for Wars
    • New infobox for Locations
    • New infobox for Regions
    • Navbox for any house
    • Navbox for Great Houses

    I think that's all of them. Happy editing. 

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  • SharkyBytesz


    June 7, 2015 by SharkyBytesz

    Because people constantly vandalise my pages: (Vaelon I Targaryen), I've chosen to make backups of all my pages. Vandalising other people's work is not nice people. 

    Hope contributors on this wiki will grow a brain at some time.

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  • SharkyBytesz

    For the record, I'm not an Admin nor a member of staff. My idea however, is...

    This wiki needs a serious upgrade. It's good, but it could be better. Improving the infoboxes, for example. 

    The Noble house infoboxes are pretty bad, as is the Heraldry template. The wiki's theme could use a new paint job, too. An userbox would be cool as well.

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  • FanofAll

    My Characters are Gone?

    March 29, 2015 by FanofAll

    I'd like to find out what happened to all my characters, because they're gone. If they were removed, someone could have informed me as to why. If they just disappeared, is there anyway I can get them back?

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  • Cilfyc


    March 1, 2015 by Cilfyc

    Hi everyone! I'm a new user here on this pretty inactive wiki woohoo!

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  • Overlord347


    May 8, 2013 by Overlord347

    Just started out and am working on my own kingdom, a sorcerous and vengeful people. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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