Blackgard ancestral
"Woe to the unwary explorer who delves deep into the burial crypts of the ancient bordermen, and disturbs the dead that dwell within."
The Blackgard Ancestral Tomb is House Blackgard's ancestral tomb where all deceased Blackgards since Asterion the Black are buried.

During his final days, a crypt was built beneath Blackgard where Asterion the Black would be buried. However, Asterion had a different tomb built in the wild facing the Stormlands which eventually became his, and his descendants', final resting place.

The Tomb is seemingly endless. Not only do the crypts inside contain the bodies of Blackgards, but also those of honorary members or, sometimes, members of the household.

The Tomb contains a temple to Barran the Exalted and a small sept-like area for worship to the Seven. Deeper down the catacombs are the sealed burial chambers of the Blackgards themselves. Reaching these chambers, let alone open them, is a serious risk, as a possible intruder must face dangerous traps and puzzles. Only the Lok-Sonaak, Archsepton, the Gravedigger, and the Lord of Ebonheart know how to disable these traps and how to bypass the puzzles.

At the centre of the tomb lies the famed Inner Sanctum. The entire Sanctum was initially built only for the remains of Asterion the Black, although the room itself is also said to hoard Asterion's possessions and treasures.

Stealing from the Tomb or desecrating the corpses is a heinous offence and a serious crime. Furthermore is it highly frowned upon and if one is caught doing these things the penalty is almost certainly death.

It is believed that the spirits of the deceased Blackgards roam the tomb and guard their - and their family's - bodies. Because of this, it is widely believed that the ancestral tomb is haunted and some even believe that the reanimated corpses of the Blackgards, known famously as the Draugr, walk the halls in search of intruders.

Known Blackgards buried in the tomb

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