"Daar zahkrii fent kos prelah do un lotaar. (This sword shall be a token of our greatness.)"
―Asterion the Black, to his Bordermen
Blackest Heart is the Valyrian steel greatsword that originally belonged to Asterion the Black. The sword was created in the Valyrian Freehold by Valyrian blacksmiths. How Asterion got hold of such a blade is unknown. Afterwards it became the treasured ancestral blade of House Blackgard, carried by many lords.[1]

A little over 70 years ago, the blade was claimed by House Keller, a rival house of the Blackgards. After the Kellers were destroyed the blade has officially been the property of Lord Trevyr Blackgard. As of recently, the blade has come into the possession of King Althurin I, the Black King of Ebonheart.


Season 3

Blackest Heart is on display above the Ebony Throne in the Hall of Lords. Trevyr Blackgard briefly explains that the sword was passed down to generations of Blackgards through the centuries. He also notes that the blade hasn't seen battle for over ten years, as Trevyr last used it during the Greyjoy Rebellion.[2]

Season 6

Eddin Blackgard wields Blackest Heart during the Assault of Blackgard.[3]

Season 7

After Eddin Blackgard is killed by his nephew, Steffon Blackgard, he claims the sword for himself. Steffon, now renamed King Althurin, later proclaims that he will claim the blade as his personal weapon, using it as a "sword for kings".[4]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Blackest Heart is a huge and impressive weapon forged out of Valyrian steel and has been in the family's possession for over eight thousand years. Eddin describes the blade as taller than himself and as "gleaming like a thousand stars." As a Valyrian-forged weapon, it never needs sharpening. Its blade has a shiny and silvery appearance. For most of House Blackgard's history, Blackest Heart has been on display in the Hall of Lords and was rarely used for battle.

At this point in the novels, Trevyr Blackgard is still alive, and the sword is still hanging on its usual place above the Ebony Throne.

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