"They came out of nowhere. Before we could figure out what was going on Darkmirror was already burning"
―A survivor from the Fourth Border Wars
The Battle of Darkmirror was an important battle in the Fourth Border Wars. Following his defeat against House Blackgard in the Battle of the Kingswood, Auster Keller fled south to the town of Darkmirror, chased by forces loyal to Lord Trovar Blackgard. While hiding near Darkmirror, Auster found the small town to be an extremely important tactical position and because most of House Greygard's forces were still north of the Borderlands, Auster found no difficulty taking over the small town and was able to fend off the Blackgard chasers. After House Carrant found out about Lord Auster's position, they came to aid him in taking over the town. Darkmirror was freed from Keller occupation shortly after the Liberation of Blackgard.