The Base Sons are a now organised military force who defend the lives of both bastard-born and low-born individuals. Beginning as a small organised group, they have become an army throughout the third, fourth and fifth seasons. They are made base-born individuals and the Smallfolk, from all across the Seven Kingdoms. Their hidden base of operations is coined as the "Basefort"


The group was created after King Joffrey Baratheon had almost all of King Robert's bastard children killed. They were a small group during the War of the Five Kings, but began strengthening their numbers. They are allies with the Brotherhood without Banners. They claim to have the support of House Harrigon and many lesser houses in the Stormlands, Riverlands and the Reach. By the Red Wedding their numbers reached around 30,000, big enough to win many battles.

Season 3

Joshua returns to the Eyrie to meet with Lysa Arryn and his half brother Sweetrobin. He begs Lysa the aid of the Vale to help them against their enemies. Lysa however scolds Joshua, telling him the knights of the Vale will fight and die for Sweetrobin, not the bastard son of Lord Arryn. When he returns to camp, he is greeted by two of Lord Walder Frey's bastards, Ryger Rivers and Ser Walvar Rivers. They tell Joshua of House Frey's involvement in the Red Wedding, and that their half brother Tylan Rivers is fighting against Edwyn Frey, Lord Frey's heir. He agrees to fight with them against the Frey's. On their way the Twins, they come across the Brotherhood without Banners. The Base Sons and the brotherhood enter into an alliance. In a strange move, the Base Sons begin making wedding pacts. Their leader Joshua Stone marries Rearna Hill.

Season 5

The Base sons travel to the Riverlands, finally acting on their plans to avenge the red wedding. Their first victory against the Freys is during the Battle of Freymoor, where they fought the combined forces of House Erenford, House Charlton and House Leafrey. After the battle, they are able to capture Ser Arwood Frey and two of his sons, Androw and Alyn.

Season 6

The base sons are still in open war against the Frey's, killing their men wherever they go. It comes as a relief when they hear that Lord Walder Frey was mysteriously killed, along with his sons Lothar and Black Walder.

Ethon tells Joshua that the Stormlands and Borderlands are planning to unite to fight against the Iron Throne. The base sons, travel south, heading through the Borderlands with the aid of Ethon.

Known Members

Former members

Other members

  • Sarina Waters, a vigilante better known as "the Raven", the eldest bastard of King Robert Baratheon. She is not a full member of the Base Sons, but maintains a loose association with them.


"I have heard of another mob of enemies my lord. They call themselves the Base Sons. An army of bastards if you could believe it, led by a whoreson by the name of Joshua Stone. I have heard that he is the son of Jon Arryn. He could be a great concern for us in the future"
―Kevan Lannister to Tywin Lannister.

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