"In the cursed lands of ash and fire [they worship] the wolf god Barran. The God of the Dead and Spirit of the Woods. He guides the souls of deceased Wastelanders to his "Eternal Grounds", where all fleshly pains and maladies evaporate and one can enjoy the afterlife for eternity. "God of Death", sounds familiar?"
Jaqen H'ghar

Barran the Exalted, alternatively known as the Wolf God (Wastelandic: BARRAN), is a wolf god revered as the chief deity of the Wastelandic Pantheon and is originally believed to be a member of the numerous Old Gods of the Forest. According to ancient folklore, Barran created and rules over the Eternal Grounds, the bordermen afterlife, alongside his wife: Alfdur the Fair. He guides and carries the souls of deceased wastelanders and brings them safely to the Grounds.

He is also known as the Lord of the Wastelands, the Grey God, the Spirit of the Woods, and the God of the Living and the Dead. Barran is the patron deity of men, warriors, fathers, children, the sick and old, the dead, and masculinity.

Depictions of Barran, such as statues, are sometimes made by assembling pieces of volcanic rock into a vaguely wolf-like figure in a howling position.

Statuettes of Barran the Exalted (far right) alongside idols from other religions, being sold by a street vendor in King's Landing.

Barran the Exalted is one of many believed by the Faceless Men of Braavos to be one of the faces of the Many-Faced God.

According to ancient bordermen beliefs, Barran is the God of the Dead, Ancient Spirit of the Woods, and Warrior-God of the Borderlands. He is one of the numerous Old Gods of the Forest and the patron deity of warriors, the sick and old, and the dead. He is one of the most powerful of the Old Gods and therefore had enough strength to create his own realm, the Eternal Grounds, the paradise afterlife of the bordermen. No one knows why Barran specifically chooses only bordermen to live in this realm, but it is believed that he took pity on the First Men inhabitants of the Borderlands after the Cataclysm and therefore allowed them to take refuge in the Grounds after death.