Keller mini shield
Keller mini shield
"Trevyr and his men tied Auster against his bed and continued to kick him while he tried to resist. Trevyr felt a sense of excitement, it was almost sadistic, he thought to himself. This man who murdered his family was now at Trevyr's mercy, and it felt good. "
―Auster, about to be burned alive by Trevyr The Prowler, chapter 5[src]
Auster Keller is a character in the sixth season, appearing in a flashback. Auster was the Lord of Kell and head of House Keller. He was killed by Trevyr Blackgard. The Bordermen mocked Auster by calling him "Kosmeyiik" (Wastelandic:KOSMEyIiK "Pretender").