Wylde mini shield
"You shall have no atonement from me. My death comes without apology. I have longed to join my brother in whatever world he is now. Gods be with you, Steffon Blackgard. Now you are beyond redemption."
―Asten's final words before he is gibbeted.[src]
Asten Wylde is a recurring character in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. Asten was the Castellan at Blackgard and a childhood friend of Lord Trevyr Blackgard.

Shortly after Steffon Blackgard's coronation as King Althurin the First, he ordered all of Eddin Blackgard's former allies to swear fealty to him publicly in the Hall of Lords. While most allies immediately bent the knee to the Black King, some, like Asten, refused to swear loyalty to him, outright calling him a traitor and a kinslayer. Afterwards, Althurin ordered the execution of these so-called "traitors". Asten was ordered to be put inside a small cage that was suspended about 5 meters in the air. Asten was left there, where he died of thirst, not before calling Althurin out for his treachery to House Blackgard.

Asten and trevyr

A young Asten (right), fighting alongside Trevyr with his iconic bow.