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Ashter Stark is a major character in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. He is the third-born son of Eddard Stark. He was born almost a year after Robb and Jon were born.

He bears a striking resemblance to Brandon Stark, Ned Stark's brother and Ashter's uncle who was killed by the Mad King.


Ashter is a fierce, sarcastic and rash person who is very opposite to his siblings or father, he is often scolded for not acting like a honorable man by his father. Through a few dishonorable acts such as murdering Sansa's childhood friend, Harris and murdering a lowborn friend of his, Ned had him disinherited so he would never inherit Winterfell if it ever came to that. Catelyn Stark was the only reason that Ashter wasn't exiled across the Narrow Sea. He is incredibly skilled at commanding and fighting. He seems to somewhat enjoy fighting, as he usually has a smile on his face while he is fighting. He often jokes around in rather serious situlations. When the war of the Five Kings starts and the death of his father, Ashter has grown more out of his sarcastic side, and has become more serious, although he hasn't exactly become more honorable.

Game Of Thrones

Season 1

"Winter is Coming"

Ashter first appears in this episode standing with Robb and Jon while Bran practices shooting an arrow. He laughs with his two brothers and then laughs when Bran chases Arya. He comes with his brothers so Ned can execute the Night's Watch deserter. He supports Bran by patting him on the shoulder then getting on his horse.

When they come across the direwolves, he refuses to keep one and then says to give it to Jon. Jon names it Ghost. Ashter is there getting his hair cut alongside Robb, Jon and Theon. He says that if a woman is a queen, she must be a beauty, replying to Theon. He is not there when the King arrives to shake Robb's hand. Catelyn tells Robb and Rickon to go find him.

Robb spots Ashter first, making love to a woman in the godwood. Robb finds it amusing but he closes Rickon's eye to shield him from it. They walk away. Later on, when Ashter's father and Robert Baratheon are in the crypts, Ashter shows up and apologizes for not being there when he was supposed to. Robert forgives it but Ned keeps pressing him about it. Ultimately, Ashter apologizes which is good enough for King Robert. At the feast, he is seen talking to several women and then kissing one of them. Robb talks to him later saying that Ashter doesn't even know who that woman is and that Mother would disapprove. Ashter says he doesn't care about what Mother thinks. He leaves to get more wine. Later on, he is seen dragging a woman out of the feast—presumably to have sex with her, and Catelyn notices.

At the end of the feast, Ashter visits Jon outside of it. He apologizes for being forced to stay out there and says he would've tried to convince her. Jon appreciates it but he doesn't believe he would be able to. Ashter tries to cheer him up by hooking him up with a woman, but Jon refuses. Ashter fails to convince him and leaves.

After news hits that Ned is leaving for King's Landing, Ashter says his goodbyes to him and wonders why he can't come with. Ned tells him that Robb needs an experienced commander at his side, due to Ashter's skill in battle and strategy.

"The Kingsroad"

Ashter appears in this episode visiting Bran, extremely curious on what happened to him. When Cersei Lannister comes in, he leaves the room.

Later on, when Jon is about to leave for The Wall, Ashter hugs his half-brother and hopes to see him again, he tells him that he may not have the Stark name but he is a Stark, regardless and Jon seems to appreciate it.

When Catelyn informs Robb, Ashter, Theon and a few others that she thinks Bran was pushed from the tower and that he did not fall from the tower, Ashter seems to agree. He offers to go to King's Landing to speak to Ned. Catelyn tells him that he is needed with Robb, so she leaves.

"The Wolf and the Lion"

Ashter appears in the courtyard of Winterfell at night and notices Theon Greyjoy walking by. He asks why he is out here this late at night, Theon says he can ask him the same thing, but Ashter only says that he can't and that he can do whatever he wishes around Winterfell. They argue for a few more seconds and then Theon reveals that Lady Catelyn wrote to Robb asking how he was doing as Lord of Winterfell. Ashter then nods and lets him go by but wishes to spend the night with Ros and for Theon to deliver the message. Ashter eventually lets Theon go and Ashter finds Ros himself and the two of them spend the night together, Ros says that he would make a great lord, but Ashter can barely reply as he is being pleasured by Ros.

"You Win or You Die"

Ashter first appears interrupting the exchanges between Osha and Theon. He threatens to blame Theon for anything that happens to Osha, and ends up telling him to leave her alone. Ashter reveals to Osha that he dislikes her, but says that he doesn't like Theon either and that he isn't a bully. Maester Luwin barges in, thinking that Ashter is mistreating the guest, but he claims that he was only having a friendly conversation.

"The Pointy End"

Ashter first appears with Robb, Theon and Maester Luwin after they recieve the letter from Sansa. The letter says for them to come to King's Landing and swear fealty to Joffrey. Robb orders to call all of the banners to march to King's Landing. Ashter is pleased by his decision and comes with Robb, due to his expertise in battle. Robb also says that he would not do well as Lord of Winterfell, and sadly leaves it to Bran.

When the Greatjon Umber demands he be the man who leads the Vanguard, Ashter is entertained by the argument unlike everyone else who is silent, due to the tension. His laughter increases when Greatjon says his meat is 'bloody tough'.

When Catelyn arrives back to visit Robb, she is proud but worried to see her two eldest sons leading a host. Ashter is convinced to stay with Robb and not go back to Winterfell no matter how much Catelyn tries. When they talk of the Twins, Ashter reveals that he had met Walder Frey and a few of his daughters who were actually 'good looking'. He seems to despise Walder Frey. Ashter suggests they march on Jaime Lannister and capture him. He says they should have killed the Lannister scout who had counted all of their men. Robb lets him go which Ashter immediately disagrees. After he is free, Ashter decides not to question his brother any further but remains irritated by his decision.


Ashter first appears outside the Twins, debating whether or not Walder Frey is to be trusted. He appears in the tent when Catelyn returns after speaking with Walder Frey. He laughs at the fact that Arya has to marry someone, and that Robb has to as well. When Jaime is captured, Ashter suggests they imprison him as he would be a valuable prisoner.

"Fire and Blood"

A soldier enters Ashter's tent and informs him of his father's death. He nods to the soldier to leave him to be alone, Ashter, visibly angry at the death of his father, kicks a table. Ashter is among the northmen proclaiming Robb as the King in the North.

Season 2

"The North Remembers"

Ashter is seen training with a few knights. Theon informs him of his trip to the Iron Islands to broker an alliance with the Starks. Ashter asks about the last time Theon has spoken to his father, and Theon doesn't respond. Ashter says that his father probably won't accept an alliance with the Starks, after everything. He also says that he's not sure if Theon will actually come back after speaking to his father, thinking that he will stay with his father and no longer serve Robb or the Starks. Theon says that he serves Robb, and Ashter clearly doesn't believe it.

"The Night Lands"

Ashter first appears in a tavern with Howland Quinn, drinking wine. They talk about whether Catelyn will be able to forge an alliance with Renly, that with Renly and Robb as allies, they'd be unstoppable.

"The Ghost of Harrenhal"

Ashter is dueling a knight, while showing some men some new tactics to turn the tide of a duel. A man named Casper volunteers, who proves to be a competent fighter. Casper reveals his house was destroyed by the Lannisters, saying that he supports Robb's cause, because he doesn't want to see another family fall to the Lannisters. Casper reveals he was in the Second Sons.

"The Old Gods and the New"

Ashter hears of Theon's betrayal and is furious. He offers to travel to Winterfell himself and kill Theon. Roose suggests a different solution, to send his bastard to take back Winterfell.

"A Man Without Honor"

Ashter is seen in the tent with Robb when Alton Lannister returns with Cersei Lannister's response to Robb's terms. When Alton says that she ripped the paper in half, Ashter chuckles. When Talisa shows up to speak with Robb, Ashter leaves.

"The Prince of Winterfell"

Ashter appears with Robb when he learns of her releasing the Kingslayer and does not disagree with the punishment she is given.

Season 3"

"Valar Dohaeris"

Ashter first appears with Robb and Catelyn when they arrive at Harrenhal. He, Talisa and Robb find Qyburn and Talisa begins to nurse him back to health.

"Dark Wings, Dark Words"

Ashter appears in Bran's vision where he is holding a bow. He later appears when Robb tells him and Catelyn of the news about Winterfell. Later, he has a drink with Casper, who reveals that he had a cousin in the Night's Watch who disappeared on a ranging mission. Ashter relates to that, as his Uncle Benjen had done the same thing.

"Walk of Punishment"

Ashter appears at Hoster Tully's funeral. He quietly laughs with Casper when Edmure misses with his bow and arrow twice. Ashter is present at the council meeting where Robb gets angry at Edmure Tully. He seems pissed off at his uncle as well.

"Kissed By Fire"

Ashter is seen behind Robb after he yells at Rickard Karstark for murdering the two Lannister boys. Ashter says to his brother that executing the Lord Karstark would not be a smart move, and says that if Lord Karstark is killed, their army would no longer support Robb. His advice, alongside Edmure, Talisa and Catelyn's advice don't seem to matter because Robb kills Lord Karstark anyways.

"The Climb"

Ashter first appears after two of Walder Frey's sons visit Robb and asks for Edmure Tully to marry one of Walder's daughters. Ashter sighs in relief, he thought he would have to marry a Frey. Edmure complains but Ashter says that getting a solid alliance with Walder Frey is more important then him getting a beautiful wife. Edmure refuses, but eventually he is convinced, but not happy about it.

"The Bear and the Maiden Fair"

Ashter appears in a tent with the others, Catelyn brings up that Walder Frey will take the delay as an insult. Ashter remarks that he hopes that Lord Frey cries about it till he falls asleep. Later, Robb and Ashter say to each other that they both believe Bran and Rickon were killed by Theon. Robb then appoints Ashter as his heir, even though their father had removed Ashter from the line of succession.

"The Rains of Castamere"

Ashter arrives at the wedding at the Twins with Robb and Catelyn. He is seen drinking and socializing with other stark bannermen. Ashter pats Robb on the shoulder and says that he's going to go for a walk. When the fighting begins, he is ambushed by several Frey man, he kills several of them, with help from Stark men. Eventually, he is stabbed too many times to the point where he can barely move, he falls to his knees, unable to do anything. He falls to the ground, and falls unconscious.


Casper carries Ashter's heavily wounded body out of the Riverlands. Later, he wakes up on a boat. Casper tells him that everybody in Westeros thinks that Ashter is dead, and that Robb and his mother are dead. Ashter doesn't seem to believe it all the way, he asks where they are going. Casper tells him that Ashter is the future of House Stark and that they will take back the North for him in time, but they need allies. Casper asks if he knows about a woman named Daenerys Targaryen.

Season 4

"Two Swords"

Ashter is mentioned by Sansa and Tyrion, where Ashter is believed to have been killed at the Red Wedding, but they did not find his body. Ashter is mourned by Sasha despite the somewhat poor relationship they had. Jon is mentioned by Ashter who mourns him, claiming that Ashter is the one who never treated him like a bastard and stood up for him against Catelyn. Jon considered Ashter his best friend.

Later, Ashter appears on a boat with Casper, and Ashter questions why he thought going to Meereen was the best idea instead of going to Stannis. Ashter agrees to go to Meereen only to find out if the trip is worth it but does not believe it completely.


Casper and Ashter arrive at Meereen. They enter a tavern where Ashter says that he's been thinking about just giving up on the way to Meereen. He orders Casper to go serve Daenerys and to leave Ashter alone. He claims he doesn't want to take back his home and wishes to go his own way. Eventually Casper leaves angrily. A man in the tavern goes over to him and talks to him. The man tries to recruit Ashter to join a faction that is against Daenerys Targaryen. Ashter refuses eventually, and the man tries to attack him, even though he is aware that he is Ashter Stark. Ashter ends up fighting nearly everyone in the tavern and ends up killing all of them, though he takes some injuries in the fight, he falls over in exhaustion.

"First of His Name"

Ashter is thrown into a cell by the Unsullied. Later, he is brought to the Queen and claims to have saved Daenerys' life. She says that the Meereenese men's lives were not his to take. The Unsullied bring in Casper and then Ashter gets the shackles around Casper's neck, choking him in order to keep his identity a secret. It doesn't seen to matter as Barristan figures out who he is and calls his name out. Ashter angrily throws Casper to the ground and he is escorted back to the cells.


Ashter appears in the cells, with a bruised eye. It is revealed Daario and some Second Sons had hurt him in the cells. Daenerys disapproves, but Ashter doesn't believe that she didn't order it. Daenerys says she's sorry about Ashter's family and Ashter angrily tells her that she doesn't know how it feels. Daenerys leaves.

"The Mountain and the Viper"

Season 5

"The Wars to Come"

"The House of Black and White"

"Sons of the Harpy"

"Kill the Boy"


Season 6


"Book of the Stranger"

"The Door"

"Blood of My Blood"

"The Broken Man"

"Battle of the Bastards"

"The Winds of Winter"

Season 7


Ashter appears with Daenerys, Tyrion and Missandei and several Unsullied soldiers. They arrive at Dragonstone.


"The Queen's Justice"

"The Spoils of War"


"Episode 66"

Killed Victims

  • Harris - Pre S1
  • Lowell - Pre S1
  • Numerous Soldiers in the Battle of the Whispering Wood - S1E9 (Offscreen)
  • Several Peasants (Caused) - S2E8
  • Peasant Revolt Leader - S2E8
  • Lord Jason Graveheart - S2E8
  • Lord Harold Quinn - S2E10
  • Six Unnamed Ironborn Soldiers - S3E3
  • Numerous Frey soldiers - S3E9
  • Two 'Rovan' Sellswords - S4E3
  • Ron - S4E7
  • 20 Meereenese Citizens - S4E7
  • Several Sons of the Harpy - S5E9
  • Two Dothraki Men - S6E4
  • Several Sons of the Harpy - S6E9
  • Several Lannister Soldiers - S7E4
  • Several Tarly Soldiers - S7E4
  • Ser Anthor Dayne - S7E4
  • Numerous Wights - S7E6



  • Ashter is often told by several characters in the series that he looks alot like his uncle Brandon Stark who was murdered by the Mad King.
    • Ned has said he saw his brother in Ashter, but Ashter left much to be desired, due to the choices he has made in life.

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