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Arrold Luxford is a minor character in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh seasons of Game of Thrones. He is the head of House Luxford and the current lord of Hordfield. He is married to Serra Bolling and is the father of Renyse, Elessa and Orran


Arrold has always been seen as a good and loyal friend of House Harrigon. Arrold had achieved a knighthood, having once been fostered at Woodberry, where he met his lifelong friend Andrew Woodberry. He would eventually become the Lord of Hordfield following his fathers death.

Season 4

Arrold's son and heir Orran is sent away to be fostered at Ebonheart, the seat of House Blackgard in the Borderlands. Lord Trevyr Blackgard has promised his son a knighthood.

Season 6

After hearing about the assassination of Lord Jothos Harrison, Lord Arrold sends a raven to Smithestone, asking if House Luxford could aid them in the capture of Lord Jothos' killers. A week later, Richard Harrigon writes back, telling them his fathers killers have been captured and executed. Fearing for his families future, Rickard remembers that Lord Arrold's daughter Elessa has recently turned 15, and asks for both families to become united once again by marrying Elessa to his eldest son, Marton, who had recently turned 16. Arrold, Elessa and his other daughter Renyse arrive at Smithestone days later, and Elessa weds Marton. Arrold leaves Elessa at Smithestone to spend time with Marton, and is relieved to hear that Elessa has become fond of Martin and Smithestone.

After the death of King Tommen Baratheon in King's Landing, Lord Arrold travels to Storm's End to witness the Stormmoot take place. He vouches for House Harrigon, eventually leading to them winning and ascending to the new chief house of the Stormlands. He also meets with his old friend Lord Andrew Woodberry.

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